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Boardwalk Empire
Loving The Man In The Mask Richard x Female OC, Rating K, Word Count 3,000 - COMPLETE

Bridget Jones Diary
22 Mark x Daniel,Rating T, Word Count 2,283 - COMPLETE

Bully (Canis Canem Edit)
Sweet Dreams, Petey Gary x Pete, Rating T, Word Count 2,331 - COMPLETE

Pleasantville Kurt x Dave, Rating K, Word Count 3,297 - COMPLETE
Valentine's Day Surprise Marley x Kitty, Rating T, Word Count 2,152 - COMPLETE

Fade To Black Michael Myers x Male OC, Rating R, Word Count 4,000 +/? - WORK IN PROGRESS

Harry Potter
Riddle Manor
Merope Gaunt x Tom Riddle Sr, Rating T, Word Count 9,000 + - COMPLETE

Pitch Perfect
A Sad Kind Of Bliss Benji x Jesse, Rating T, Word Count 2,000 + - COMPLETE
The Slow Revelation Benji x Jesse, Rating T, Word Count 4,500 - COMPLETE

Pride And Prejudice
The Second Chance Mary x Mr Collins, Rating K, Word Count 3,129 - COMPLETE
The Two Proposals Mary x ?, Rating K, Word Count 1,551 - COMPLETE

The Karate Kid
Never Too Late Dre x Cheng, Rating K, Word Count 1,837 - COMPLETE
The Choice Pre-Slash Dre x Cheng, Rating K, Word Count 921 - COMPLETE

Dead In Love Helena x Darren, Rating T, Word Count 2,006 - COMPLETE

Hooked On You Bradley x Jason, Rating T, Word Count 1,275 - COMPLETE

Baby BluesJessica x Embry, Rating T, Word Count 3,037 - COMPLETE
Playing The Game
Edward x Jessica, Rating K, Word Count 1,490 - COMPLETE


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